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Cesspool Service in Suffolk County & Nassau County

If you happen to be the owner of a cesspool tank, then you are aware of the crucial role that routine maintenance plays in its proper functioning. A significant aspect of this maintenance process involves the regular pumping of the cesspool. By regularly removing waste through septic tank pumping, the system’s overall performance is enhanced, and its lifespan is prolonged, ensuring a seamless on-site wastewater treatment system.

With over three decades of experience in providing top-notch septic pumping services to households across Suffolk County and Nassau County on Long Island, the experts at Tom Egan Cesspool Service are your go-to professionals. As a local company, we take pride in delivering exceptional services that exceed your expectations. We employ cutting-edge technologies, pay attention to detail in our workmanship, and offer 5-star customer service, all aimed at ensuring your cesspool system operates optimally for an extended period.

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    Cesspool Pumping

    We offer essential maintenance and upkeep by efficiently removing accumulated waste from cesspools, promoting optimal functionality, and preventing potential health hazards.


    Cesspool repairs play a crucial role in restoring functionality to damaged or malfunctioning septic systems, ensuring efficient wastewater management and preventing environmental hazards.

    Cesspool Installations

    This involve the careful excavation and construction of underground tanks designed to collect and contain wastewater and sewage, ensuring proper disposal and environmental safety.


    Our cesspool system cleaning involves the thorough removal of sludge, debris, and accumulated waste, ensuring proper flow, preventing clogs, and maintaining the efficiency and longevity of the cesspool system.


    Cesspool system inspection entails a comprehensive assessment of the tank, pipes, and components to identify any structural issues, leaks, or signs of deterioration, allowing for timely repairs or maintenance!


    24-hour cesspool emergency service provides immediate and round-the-clock assistance for critical situations such as overflowing or malfunctioning cesspools, ensuring prompt response for containment of the issue.

    Cesspool Service | Suffolk County & Nassau County

    At Tom Egan Cesspool Services, we go beyond simply emptying your tank when it comes to pumping your system. Our dedicated team conducts a thorough inspection to ensure that your tank effectively processes waste and efficiently removes the appropriate particles. This crucial step is often overlooked by other cesspool companies. Our inspection also extends to the leaching system, an integral component of the cesspool responsible for properly distributing beneficial particles back into the soil.

    Being a local, full-service cesspool company, we are equipped to handle projects of all sizes across Long Island. Whether you’re a commercial property in need of regular cesspool pumping, a homeowner requiring cesspool repairs, or seeking a brand-new system installation, Tom Egan Cesspool Services is here to provide the assistance you need.


    Here’s what our happy customer’s had to say about our Cesspool services:

    I’m giving Tom Egan and Mike (including fellow team workers) the highest rating because I believed that everything would be taken care of because Mike explained everything a few times to help me understand what needed to be done to install a new cesspool system and what the old one was probably like! I looked outside in my front yard to find a big hole in the ground…not exactly a pretty picture! I called Tom Egan through the advice of a good neighbor and Mike came within the hour to check out my damage! Fortunately, everything inside the house was working perfectly! After Mike came to give me an estimate, I felt comfortable and ready to go with Tom Eagen Cesspool Service! They arrived 2 days later and were very professional, friendly, courteous, and respectful of not only me but my property. I thought we’d have to dig up a flowerbed but they were able to connect with the pipe deeper under the ground! I treated the guys to a yummy big lunch and they were all very appreciative and stated that was the best pizza they ever had! (Milanos in Commack! Hahaha) Mike had given me a high estimate to cover all the possibilities but I’m happy to say it didn’t come to that and I was fortunate to pay a little bit less! I’m very appreciative of the honor and truth this company lives by especially in today’s times with many companies taking advantage of their customers! Not Tom Egan! They are worth your trust! Ohhhh…notice the mailbox, flower bed, and the new little tree along the sidewalk…none of those were damaged at all! =) Thanks Mike and Team!!!! Owner Tom stopped by to check everything out and to say “hello!” A definite 5 STAR company!

    Wendy S.

    I’m giving Tom Egan five stars because from start to finish, these guys were honest and upfront. First Mike came out and located my old cesspool which was a scary old block construction. He gave a written estimate for a new installation that included contingencies. He said it might cost more if they needed a crane. In the end, they did not need the crane, so they didn’t charge me. I really appreciated knowing up front that there was a range of possibilities. On the day of the installation, Tom the owner was there and he did some of the interior plumbing work we needed. Another thing I appreciated is that these guys were respectful the entire time. Respectful to me, to my family, and to the property. They weren’t careless and they even came back to clean off the basement stairs. Installing a septic system is a huge job and it’s expensive. Still, Tom’s prices were in line with other estimates I received and these guys absolutely earned it. Everything works great and it’s nice not to worry about the system anymore. Especially if you deal with Mike, you know you are dealing with an honest, respectful, businessman who also gets his hands dirty doing the actual work. 10/10 I highly recommend Tom Egan Cesspool Service.

    Robert Hill

    I would recommend Tom Egan Cesspool’s service very highly. My cesspool collapsed into a huge sinkhole on Christmas morning. Mike came out Christmas Day, evaluated, and scheduled me immediately. They came the following day and worked steadily through the day until I had a new cesspool and overflow tank. Mike kept me informed and answered all my questions every step of the way. He kept me right at the very fair price point that he quoted. The crew was efficient, professional, polite, and personable. They leveled the front yard and cleaned up the street as well. It is evident that Tom Egan takes pride in the service he provides. And Mike is a gem……it was great working with him!!!!!!!

    Kim Cotler

    I can’t thank those who recommended this company enough! Tom, his nephew Michael and Colton were knowledgeable, professional and efficient. They were dogged in their pursuit of my cesspool and cleaned it out perfectly leaving the area neat and tidy. In short, they didn’t do a “ shitty” job rather an exceptional one.

    Erica Rinear

    Tried many Cesspool companies over the years with mixed results. You just want someone honest to get the job done at a fair price. I was backed up on a Sunday before the snowstorm and the only company that would come was Tom Egan. Truck pulled up when they said they would and Mike, the technician on the call, got right on the case got the job done and was patient and informative when answering my questions. That’s the way, uh-huh, I like it.

    Michael Mitchell

    Tom’s company was the second company called in to dig up our septic system to be inspected by the department of health. The first company made a mess of the inspection. From the first few shovels full of dirt, Tom was convinced the system would not pass inspection. While disappointed, it was clear that Tom knew what he was talking about. The septic system that had been installed many years back (by Priority Cesspool/Clear River – don’t ever call them) was done terribly; it was undersized, missing a baffle, buried too deep, etc. Tom worked with our engineer to abandon the old system and install the new. He was there for every level of inspection, follow-up, answered every call with any questions and was responsive on every level. He has been polite and a pleasure to work with, as has been every member of his team. I very strongly recommend Tom and company.

    Michael Appollo

    Tom Egan has always been honest, professional, and affordable. I have trusted his work for 30 years and would recommend him to anyone who wants reliable, quality service.

    Peter Palumbo

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