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Don't let your septic system get clogged

There are a number of factors that could cause your septic system to back up. Prevent major backups and damage from occurring with our affordable chemical treatments.

• Sulfuric acid - added to a cesspool or dry well to break up and dissolve solid waste in order to allow draining

• Bactivate - added to septic tanks or grease traps in order to break down sludge over a period of time

• Aeration - highly pressurized air that is directed into the bottom of your dry well or cesspool that immediately breaks down any solid waste

Easy solutions for blocked systems

You'll get over 20 years of experience providing expert septic system cleaning when you hire Tom Egan Cesspool Service.


Your septic system will be in perfect working condition after one of our state-of-the-art chemical treatments works through the buildup.

Service you can rely on

Get a properly functioning septic system


Receive a FREE estimate for any residential, commercial or industrial septic system service.

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